Sour Ale

Latus revisits the original beer that launched the Bird of Prey series. This very unique sour has been conditioned in a mix of American and French oak wine barrels for a year, creating a dry, sour and funky profile that will continue to evolve for a very long time. This 2016 version showcases the maturing character of the barrels and the tart, fruity depth of a Flanders Red.




Superior Pilsen, Cara 33, Cara 120, Cara Pils, Aromatic Malts


Hersbrucker Hallertauer

Special Release

These beers are not on any schedule, but they surface now and then.

When through the piercing quiet preyed upon by red-tailed Death, descending as the bloodied sun soars down on its meridian, He pierces, and in piercing makes undone his prey, 'til flesh and blood be carrion, and bone be trophy, carried on the perched throne - From Talon unto Talon, thrives Oblivion!

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